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Everyone is entitled to a mistake or two-I have had my share. Probably my most glaring is that I attended that other law school, the one a little up north. So, when I first joined the faculty in 1974, Yale was, if not an alien, then certainly an unfamiliar, institution. Joe and Sonja Goldstein welcomed us to the community. They were our family away from family. They opened their house to us. Their friends became our friends. They were always available for dinner (Joe would call it a "bite"), or for a movie. Joe's father had once been in the movie business in Springfield, and that seemed to entitle him, almost forever, to a free pass to Cinema Showcase. Joe loved bargains, especially this one. We often talked about our children, and through word and example, Joe and Sonja helped us through our most difficult parenting days. Invariably, Joe and Sonja returned from their trips abroad with trinkets for our daughters. Every conversation with Joe ended, "Kiss the girls for me."

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