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My article on refugee burden-sharing ("Refugee Burden-Sharing: A Modest Proposal," 22 YALE J. INT'L. L. 243 (1997)) advances a novel approach to an appalling problem that desperately needs all the fresh thinking it can get. Unfortunately, the critique by Deborah Anker, Joan Fitzpatrick, and Andrew Shacknove, "Crisis and Cure: A Reply to Hathaway/Neve and Schuck," 11 HARv. HUM. RTS. J. 295 (1998), while both serious and respectful, misrepresents my proposal in a number of significant respects-misrepresentations that I pointed out to them when they sent me a draft of their critique only days before this draft was to go to the printer. I shall briefly address each of those misrepresentations in the order in which they appear in their critique.

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