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Some lawyers practice by ear and do not need form books for their kind of practice. Others are such meticulous workers that they prefer to do things the hard way and carefully solve each drafting problem without reference to anyone else's patterns. Still others have practiced so long that they have an office file on about every conceivable drafting problem with sample documents of almost every conceivable kind. They prefer to rely exclusively on what has worked for them in the past, providing, of course, that they can find their way in their old files.

But most lawyers do not fall into any of these categories. Most lawyers want good form books in the office to use as drafting guides and check-lists. And for them, a good new set of form books is now in the course of publication, American Jurisprudence Legal Forms, Annotated. Five volumes are out, from the topic abstracts of title to that of gas and oil, and nine more volumes will follow shortly. Pocket supplements will be issued to keep the set up to date.

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