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MR. LOWET: Good afternoon. My name is Henry Lowet, a proud member of the class of 1957.

The arrangers of this program needed someone who does not appear before these venerated judges. So I can speak with impunity in introducing them both briefly and harmlessly.

I want you to know that the introductions are simplified because I can tell you that these gentlemen are all over the age of thirty-nine, they all went to the same law school, they graduated in the same class, and they universally took a vow of poverty so that this is a very comfortable time for them and for us. In reality, those of us who knew all of these men when they were students here recognize that they had a great bent for public service. When we went out to pizza on Sunday nights, they all remember and we all remember how we discussed the notions, the important notions, of judicial philosophy—whether to order pepperoni or double cheese—and all those things that make the judges the outstanding individuals they are.

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