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Oscar Gray, you are a great student of Jimmy's [Fleming James] and since you and I are not the last, but among the last, of his students, it pleased me particularly that you remembered him. Thank you. I also want to thank all my other friends who took the time to come here today, and most especially this University, which has been so kind to me in the past but which outdid itself in setting up this Symposium. When Fowler Harper died, he left me his copy of Harper & James, The Law of Torts, which you, Oscar, have kept going so well. Since Fowler was dead, I could not have him sign it; I brought it to Jimmy, who signed it in a way that moved me enormously then, and has ever since. He wrote, "To Guido, with that special affection that a teacher has for a student who has pushed the quest forward." To me, what is so joyous about this event is that I see an awful lot of students—some whom I never had in class—who have pushed the quest forward. So I speak today, with that special affection and delight that a teacher has in seeing the quest pushed forward, feelings that I know Jimmy would share.

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