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Herbert Wechsler was my teacher at Columbia. He was a model as a
scholar and lawyer throughout my career. He taught my classmates and
me Criminal Law and, in a very demanding seminar, an introduction to
Federal Jurisdiction based on the then paper version of what later became
the great Hart and Wechsler casebook. I also served, not very effectively
I fear, as a research assistant in his work on the Model Penal Code,
particularly addressing the difficult subject, perhaps indeed an opaque
one, of mistake as a defense or amelioration of criminal liability. He was
an illuminating teacher and a demanding thinker. I later came to appreciate
still other abilities of Professor Wechsler in working under his supervision
on an American Law Institute project and, thereafter, as his successor
as Director of the Institute. He was a leader and professional
collaborator of great skill.

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