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The task assigned me is to "stimulate thought and raise questions of significance" about "The Influence of the Metropolis on Concepts, Rules and Institutions Relating to Property." As I now reflect upon "metropolis" and "property," and their possible interrelations, and the tremendous number of questions of significance which these interrelations raise with respect to the future, I find that the flood of associations very nearly paralyzes thought. Hence I propose, after some brief effort to indicate what a comprehensive inquiry might include, to cut the subject down to consideration principally of the impact of the modem American metropolis upon certain aspects of land law. It is hoped, however, that the framework and method of inquiry suggested may be adaptable to comparative study through different times and across nation-state boundaries.

For convenience in exposition, the discussion will be organized under the following main headings:

I. A Conception of Property.

ll. The Metropolis as a Community.

ill. Possible Impacts of the Metropolis upon Property.

IV. An Hypothesis about the Impact of the Modem American Metropolis upon Land Law.

V. Trends toward Rationalization in Land Law.

VI. Future Perspectives.

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