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This volume, published in honor of Hans Kelsen, brings together in convenient and accessible form nineteen of Professor Wright's essays, written between 1946 and 1952, and adds two new essays on "institutionalizing" international peace and security, especially written in honor of Professor Kelsen. These essays are here presented under the seven headings of Institutionalizing International Peace and Security, Progress in International Organization, Politics and International Stability, Education and International Stability, Law and International Stability, and Technology and International Stability. The two essays under the titles of "Should International Peace and Security be Institutionalized?" and "How Can International Peace and Security be Suitably Institutionalized?" are intended as a summary of Professor Wright's more abstract ideas upon "the general problem of stability and progress in international relations" (p. ix), and the other essays are offered in elaboration and illustration of such ideas. The changes in peoples' expectations since 1946 date a few of the essays, but most of them, such as "Accomplishments and Expectations of World Organization," first published in the Yale Law Journal in 1946, were written with such prophetic insight that they read as if contemporary.

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