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This volume presents the forty-odd papers and memoranda considered at the Eleventh Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion held in New York City in September, 1950. Condensations of comments made at the conference upon some of the papers are also included. The book is organized under five main headings: social forces for world organization, experience of nongovernmental organizations in international co-operation, experience of governmental organizations in international co-operation, philosophical and religious bases for world organization, and general observations. The papers are published not exactly as delivered, but as edited to conform with the general plan of the book.

The papers and memoranda included in the book vary greatly in length, pretentiousness, and quality. Some, such as that by Karl W. Deutsch on "Nationalism and the Social Scientists" (with an appendix), and by Gray L. Dorsey on "A Porch from Which to View World Organization," are serious scholarly efforts to break new ground. Others, such as those by Arno G. Huth on "International Organizations and Conferences—Experiences and Lessons," and by Otto Klineberg on "Some Experiences with International Organizations and International Conferences," offer practical wisdom. Still others, such as those by Michael A. Heilperin on "An Economist's Views on International Organization," and by Harold D. Lasswell on "Government Cooperation 'To Win the Peace'" (urging inter alia the development of a "paralysis" weapon which only temporarily disables an opponent), project long-term policy. Many of the essays are, however, most casual and anecdotal. One cannot escape the feeling that the comment (p. 101) by one observer on one of the papers that "The problem starts where Mr. — ends" could be given wider application.

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