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Asserting that a study of high-income individual income tax
returns proves that "some taxpayers do not pay nearly enough;
others pay too much," and urging that " [i] t is time we began to
reduce the premium enjoyed by the taxpayer who has tax lawyers
and accountants to show him ways to avoid paying taxes to his
federal government," Senator Russell B. Long proposed an optional
"Simplified Tax Method" in October of 1963 as an amendment
to the administration's pending revenue bill (H.R. 8363,
which became the Revenue Act of 1964). Modified and elaborated
in the light of Treasury studies, the proposal was introduced again
by Senator Long in 1964 "so that it may be studied fully" by Congress,
the Treasury, and the public.1 No action has been taken on
the bill as yet, but Senator Long announced that he would "seek
action on it" during the 89th Congress.

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