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The first installment of the following article on products liability was
dedicated to Mr. Corbin to honor him on the occasion of his ninetieth
birthday; the second installment has to be dedicated to his memory.
An incredibly rich life has peacefully come to an end, on Thursday,
May 4, a little more than half a year after his ninety-second birthday.
Last summer he was still able to spend several months at his summer
home in Maine, working daily for several hours in his garden. He
returned refreshed to New Haven and surprised his visitors by the
keenness of his mind and of his memory. He loved to reminisce about
the early days of the Law School-its golden period, as he called it under
Dean Swan, his close personal friend. But, unlike most old men,
he did not dwell only on the remote past. He remained deeply interested
in the present state of the Law School, the School he loved dearly
and to which he had given himself with unsurpassed loyalty and

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