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On three October afternoons last fall, we attended a presentation of the
Storrs Lectures, entitled "The Ages of American Law." The William Lucius
Storrs Lectureship was endowed in 1889 by Mary and Eliza Robinson, in
memory of their great-uncle, the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme
Court. The first lecture was given the following year by Judge Cooley on
the Interstate Commerce Commission; he had just been appointed its first
Chairman. The Storrs Lectures have remained the Law School's most distinguished lecture series; even a partial list includes some of the most influential legal figures and ideas of the past 85 years. Sometimes annually,
sometimes not, a speaker from outside the Law School is invited. This
year the Lectures coincided with the Sesquicentennial of the Law School,
and Grant Gilmorec had promised to deliver them.

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