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The interest of, homo sapiens in money is almost as prurient and
pervasive as his interest in sex. Indeed, although accurate data are
not available, it seems likely that he spends more of his time pursuing
the former than the latter. At any rate, books about money seem
nearly as numerous and popular as books about sex. Ralph Ginzburg
demonstrated his characteristic flair for profitable publishing when
he switched from Eros (under some legal pressure, to be sure) to
Moneysworth. But while good writers on sex are so few as to be virtually
nonexistent, at least in modern times, there are several writers
on finance whose works have genuine literary merit. Of these John
Brooks is among the best. He may well be the best historian of high
and low finance since those observant young men, Charles Francis
Adams and his brother Henry, chronicled the rascalities of Jim Fisk,
Jay Gould, Daniel Drew, and Cornelius Vanderbilt more than a century
ago. It is unlikely that The Go-Go Years will sell as well as
Jacqueline Susann's current novel, whatever it is called, but it will
deserve better reviews.

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