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MELVIN BELLI blushingly styles himself The King of Torts, and so he is or at least of the great province of that noble discipline which is concerned
with sudden death and maiming, "of most disastrous chances, of moving
accidents by flood and field." Not for him such quaint, esoteric torts as
the wanton, reckless and wilful promulgation of an Accountitng Research
Bulletin on declining-balance depreciation. But within the field of personal
injury, which probably accounts for the bulk of tort litigation, Mr. Belli can
fairly claim to be the reigning monarch. His verdicts are the highest. and
so, presumably, are his fees; his publications, are the most voluminous; and, it may be added, his publicity is the most flamboyant, in a field whose leading
practitioners are rarely shrinking violets.

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