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The publication of this volume fulfills one of my fondest expectations. As I wrote in the introduction to The Silent World of Doctor and Patient;

[the] ultimate purpose [of my book] is to initiate a more enlightened debate about the respective rights, duties, and needs of physicians and patients in their intimate, anxiety-producing, and fateful encounters with one another. . .. The problems of ... greater patient participation in the medical decision-making process ... deserve study and their in-depth analysis must be extended beyond where I leave off. . .. [M]any additional leads need to be pursued. In this book I have been unable to explore any to their depth. Instead, I have tried to identify as many issues as possible and to pursue them for some distance (pp. xiii, xix, xx).

The editors of the Western New England Law Review responded to my hopes and I am grateful to them for the loving care with which they executed this project.

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