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There is an increasing concern in our profession with the impact of technological change on law librarianship. The challenging papers on law library automation, which are contained in this issue, and the Chicago conference at which they were delivered, testify to that fact. This is, however, only one aspect of an increasing concern with the improvement of librarianship generally, through the more effective use of scientific developments in the fields of automation, administration, and information control. These developments are further illustrated by the important projects sponsored by the Council on Library Resources, which include a recent undertaking by the Association of Research Libraries and the American Council on Education, establishing an office for library management research. The conference on library networks, held last fall in Virginia, was another important event in this regard, which is likely to have wide ramifications for the future. The MARC project at the Library of Congress and the ERIC clearinghouse for material in library research and information science are other symptoms of this new era in librarianship.

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President's Page: Technology and Law Librarianship, 64 Law Library Journal 111 (1971)

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