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With this bibliography Professors Jacobstein and Mersky have made a major scholarly contribution—not only to the study of water law, but also to the advancement of legal bibliography. Their work, subtitled "Source Book on U.S. Water and Irrigation Studies: Legal, Economic and Political," provides an ordered record of a varied and elusive literature of books, documents, and periodical articles. It is divided into fourteen sections: four are topical, designated General, Legal, Economic, and Irrigation; five are geographical including entries for each of the fifty states plus Central Arizona, Central Valley in California, Colorado River, and Frying Pan-Arkansas; and five are forms of material—Legislative Histories, Newsletters, Interstate Agencies, Unpublished Doctoral Theses, and Administrative Decisions. Standard bibliographic entries are used, including pagination, and indexes are provided by author, agency, and periodical. It is unquestionably a first rate work—a model of bibliographic planning and execution. It not only brings together public and private law, but also bridges differences of form, source, and jurisdiction. By providing an integrated and functional record of one subject area, it has made the literature of that area much more accessible to scholars working in it.

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Book Review: Water Law Bibliography, 55 California Law Review 1498 (1967)

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