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Anything coming from the pen of Sir Frederick Pollock is worth the attention

of the American scholar and lawyer, both because of the power of his reasoning

and because Sir Frederick has among Englishmen an exceptional knowledge of

American problems and American law. Pollock on Contracts has become a

classic, and in succeeding editions it has been kept pretty well up to date by the

author. The text of the present edition, however, will not be found to differ much

from that used in 1905 by Professor Williston in his American edition. There is

a little change as to contracts by correspondence, and Dr. Albert Cohen's pamphlet

is cited. There is still no chapter on the subject of Discharge. I t would have been

interesting to get Sir Frederick's explanation of Les Affreteurs v. Walford [1919,

H. L.] A. C. 801, where a court that purports never to reverse itself deals again

with the rights of a third-party beneficiary.

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