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It is with great sorrow that the Journal reports the death of

Judge Henry Wade Rogers on August 16, 1926. Judge Rogers

was the dean of the Yale Law School from 1903 to 1916. His

methods and his personality indelibly stamped themselves upon the minds of all the students in the School during that period.

Prior to his appointment by President Wilson as Judge of the

United States Circuit Court of Appeals in 1913, the work of

Judge Rogers had been almost wholly that of an educator. He

had served for long periods as professor and dean of the University of

Michigan Law School and as president of Northwestern

University. At the Yale Law School he was held in

affectionate esteem not unmixed with awe by all the students.

None can fail to have a most lively remembrance of his vigor

and impressiveness in the classroom. Many, indeed, thought

that he was too exacting in his requirements.

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