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Fowler Vincent Harper was one of the outstanding American scholars and writers of this century in the field of torts. He taught torts throughout his law teaching career, which started in 1926 at the University of North Dakota. During that first academic year Fowler wrote for the first volume of the Dakota Law Review two book reviews, two comments, and two leading articles. These show the breadth and quality of his interests as well as his industry and energy. The books he reviewed were Frankfurter's Case of Sacco and Vanzetti, and John B. Watson's Behaviorism with its implications for the legal treatment of criminals. One comment dealt with the time from which a will speaks and the other with the state's recent Judicial Council Act. The articles were entitled "Scientific Method in the Application of the Law" and "Ethical Bases of the Law of Defamation."

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Fowler Vincent Harper, 74 Yale L.J. 604 (1965)

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