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This excellent little book contains the Carpentier lectures delivered by Professor Morgan at Columbia University in January and April of 1955. It is a real contribution to clarity of thought in the field of judicial proof and to the cause of sensible and practical law reform, some of it already forecast in isolated articles by the same author. Of course no book is flawless, and the greatest flaw I find in Professor Morgan's writings is that they make hard reading. This is not due to any confusion of thought or to any failure to think things through, on Mr. Morgan's part. Quite the contrary. He thinks his material through very thoroughly and quite without confusion, but the result in writing is so compact and concise that it takes the very closest attention to follow and get the most out of it.

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Book Review: Some Problems of Proof Under the Anglo-American System of Litigation, 66 Yale L.J. 160 (1956)

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