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The second edition of this well known case book contains 602 pages of cases and an appendix setting forth 13 Eliz., the New York statute of 1829, the Uniform Fraudulent Conveyance Act and the Bankruptcy Act (with all of its amendments) followed by an index to the latter act. The number of cases is the same as that in the first edition and 1920 supplement thereto. Some fifty odd cases appearing in the latter edition do not appear in this new edition. More than half of the substituted cases are cases decided since the date of the first edition. All of those cases in the 1920 supplement are retained except three. The method of arrangement is identical with that of the first edition. There are still five main divisions, viz., Jurisdiction, Prerequisites to Adjudication, Administration, Compositions and Discharge. This edition is more compact than the former. The pages are larger, the quality of the paper seems better and the printing seems improved. And, finally, more foot notes appear. And occasionally these footnotes expand into short annotations. So much for general observations.

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