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President Labaj, Chief Justice White, Dean Frankino, ladies and gentlemen, I wish particularly to say how pleased I am to be on the dais tonight with Senator Hruska. Few men have played a greater role in shaping the law of our time than has Senator Hruska. In his capacity as ranking minority member of the Senate's Committee on the Judiciary he has taken a leading part in shaping our laws and has screened those nominated as federal judges and as Attorneys General and other posts in the Department of Justice. He has been personally friendly and helpful to me and I wish to express my gratitude and feeling of personal warmth toward him tonight.

It is a great pleasure to participate in the dedication of the Ahmanson Law Center of Creighton University. You have built a magnificent facility. For me, for most of us, a center of legal scholarship is virtually hallowed ground because law is the ultimate value in our society. Law is not ultimate because it is final, but because upon it depend all of the other values we cherish.

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