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This is indeed a very gracious reception, but I knew I would have a warm response from you. I was assured just this week by my colleagues Judges Medina and Kaufman that they envied me, for they had had such a pleasant time out here. So I am the bringer of greetings from them to many of you individually and all of you collectively in recollection of their visit with you to recently. Of course, I feel I have other ties with Laramie. Bob Hamilton has spoken of the time when he was a student at Yale. One of life's enduring satisfactions for having been a teacher is to go around the country and see one's students in various places of responsibility. I would like to stop to brag about that--to refer, for instance, to my student the Mayor of New York, my student the Mayor of Philadelphia, my student who has just retired as Attorney General of the United States, my student who is Governor of Massachusetts, and my student who almost became Vice President. I will say, however, that I do feel almost at home in Laramie, because my dear friend and colleague of many years' standing, Thurman Arnold, was the Mayor of Laramie and always claimed that he was the only Elk on the Yale faculty. Another one of the Yale men we had from here was Dean Carl Arnold, a truly wonderful person.

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Pleading Under the Federal Rules, 12 Wyoming Law Journal 177 (1958)

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