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Mr. Sim's article in the September Quarterly entitled, "The Law of Real Covenants: Exceptions to the Restatement of the Subject by the American Law Institute" is in the grand tradition of legal scholarship. A judicious appraisal of English legal history and a careful analysis of modern precedents culminate in a convincing exposition of sound and realistic policy in the light of practical conveyancing problems of the present day. Most attractive is the courage and sturdy intellectual integrity which has led him to challenge the views now embodied in the latest product of the American Law Institute. From the beginning of its existence, Mr. Sims has been one of the Institute's most loyal supporters and officers; that he felt compelled to publish so devastating a critique speaks volumes as to the quality of this most controversial of Restatements.

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More About the “Law” of Real Covenants and Its Restatement, 30 Cornell Law Quarterly 378 (1945)

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