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My predecessor, Dean Hutchins, visited your charming state last year before his translation to the Olympian heights of a college presidency on the occasion of Dr. Turner's inauguration as head of your state University. He brought back such glowing tales of your kindness and hospitality and of your interest in legal research and law reform that I could not resist your invitation to be here today. But, like him, I find myself at a loss as to what I may tell you or how I may presume to instruct you. You are doing so well so many worthwhile things that a visitor can only look upon with awe not unmixed with envy. I must content myself therefore with a statement of my warm approval of your program and with some few suggestions regarding it. I am the more emboldened to do this because of your work, admirable as it is, may after all be considered in the nature of promise, with fulfillment indeed forecast but not absolutely guaranteed.

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Methods of Legal Reform, 36 West Virginia Law Quarterly 106 (1929)

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