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Last July the Lord High Chancellor presented to Parliament the Final Report of the Committee on Supreme Court Practice and Procedure,already commonly known as the Evershed Report from its chairman and principal draftsman, Sir Raymond Evershed, the distinguished Master of the Rolls. This is a bulky, close-printed document of 380 pages, available from Her Majesty's Stationery Office (Cmd. 8878) for the price of eleven shillings net. And it is a mine of information, certainly worth much more than its modest cost, to any student of procedure and procedural reform. In fact it seems to this reviewer quite the best account available of day-to-day high-court activities and the problems thereof in that country from which we take our law.

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The Evershed Report and English Procedural Reform, 29 New York University Law Review 1046 (1954)

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