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Although the power of the English Court of Chancery to appoint receivers is "one of the oldest remedies" of that Court and although some of the most important questions arising in the whole field of commercial law concern the liquidation of insolvent corporations by receivers, many portions of the law of receivers remain curiously unsettled. This is particularly so as to the question of claims provable against the assets in the hands of a receiver. Thus in Connecticut the Aetna Indemnity Company has been in process of liquidation by receivers since early in 1911, but it is only now that the law has been partially settled by two recent decisions in these proceedings: Bashford-Burmister Company v.Aetna Indemnity Company (1919, Conn.) 105 At. 470; Husbandsv. Aetna Indemnity Company (1919, Conn.) 105 Atl. 480.

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Claims Provable in Receivership Proceedings, 28 Yale Law Journal 673 (1919)

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