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The Legal Status of the Red Cross

When judges, lawyers, law teachers, and law students come together, as on this occasion, legal education seems to be an ever faithful subject for discussion. It seems to be of common interest to these groups albeit that their several views frequently indicate some want of harmony. If there are others at the affair, laymen, let me call them, they may seem to be of little consequence – not unlike the parties to causes in litigation at times.

In the circumstances of this occasion I am prompted to turn once more to this topic so tried and true among us. And in doing so I genuinely hope that the endeavor, imperfect though it will be, may at least signal my purpose to do honor to the late Professor Williams who served his profession as a law teacher so ably and so endeared himself to those with whom he worked and lived. I count it an honor indeed to be invited to contribute to this series of lectures in his memory.

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