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This collection of materials is edited "primarily for students who have already mastered the main principles of Equity Jurisdiction and the Specific Performance of Contracts." "It is entirely practicable, however," in the editor's opinion, "to use this book for the introductory study of Equity if the more difficult cases be omitted."

The book is divided into six chapters and embraces some 500 pages. It is designed for a course of some thirty lectures; but more material is intentionally included than can be covered in such period. The volume will properly mesh with the Harvard Law School curriculum. It is in substitution for Ames' cases on equitable relief against torts and complementary with Pound's Cases on Equitable Relief against Defamation and Injuries to Personality. In structural arrangement and technique of presentation of materials there is a nominal departure from Ames. In types of cases presenting varied and more complex social, economic and even political considerations, there is a substantial addition to and modernization of Ames' materials. In the new volume also, there are almost no cases reported from the none-too-intelligible literature of legal antiquity. The presence of a decidedly liberal allowance of modern American materials is also notable.

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