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In 1940, Messrs. Dobie and Ladd published their monumental Cases and Materials on Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure. It was a fine book with a wealth of materials in a field already overcomplex. If any criticism at all was proper, it would be that the volume was too encyclopedic. True, there is much to be said for a profusion of materials from which the instructor can make his own selection as need appears to him to require. But also involved are matters of perspective and emphasis which may be thrown somewhat askew for the student, unlike the practitioner, by an exemplification of detail. At any rate the passage of time and the further deterioration of federal procedure under the twin blows of legislative reform and judicial states' rightism made a new edition imperative. That Dean Forrester has given us with fine craftsmanship in the new volume.

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Book Review: Forrester’s Edition of Dobie and Ladd’s Cases and Materials on Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure, 4 Vanderbilt Law Review 392 (1951)

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