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This is one of the last of the notable Continental Legal History Series of which eight volumes have already been published. It not only maintains the very high standards set by the others but it has a special interest of its own. It opens to American lawyers and legal scholars an almost unknown field of study of the utmost value in the administration of the law; and as an introduction to that study it contains reprints of Professor Millar's law review articles where in clear, concise and yet complete form he sets forth the likenesses and differences between our own system of procedure and the various continental systems. It is perhaps a question which will prove of more interest to American scholars, the reprint of material from various continental sources or Professor Millar's own contributions to the study of comparative civil procedure. The reviewer inclines to favor the latter and he takes this opportunity of expressing the very great debt which he believes is felt by the profession generally to be owed to Professor Millar for his devoted scholarship in this all too unknown field.

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Book Review: A History of Continental Civil Procedure, 37 Yale Law Journal 680 (1928)

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