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For fifteen years or more Professor Davis has been writing authoritative articles for the law reviews, each one covering some important facet of administrative law. Having made himself both architect and builder of this rapidly developing field of litigation and of regulation, in 1951 he published his one-volume book which was immediately recognized as the outstanding authority on the subject. And now we have this sumptuous four-volume set expanding his previous work and bringing it down to date. I do not find that his ideas have changed substantially; for present conclusions go back directly to the book and the articles. Nor need they, so carefully were the originals developed. But the progression is a useful one which may be commended to other legal writers; it is in effect from an audience of scholars to the law schools generally and now to the law offices. As we have to realize, a four-volume set has a greater appeal to the managers of large-firm libraries than can be expected for short texts or volumes of law reviews. And this set is to be welcomed as the definitive expression of views of the now recognized master of the subject It should have the professional circulation it so amply deserves.

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Book Review: Administrative Law Treatise, 43 Minnesota Law Review 601 (1959)

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