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Corbin's mastery of the technical side of the law of contracts and his gift both for analysis of factual material and for re-examining and improving many a traditional doctrine mark his success in weaving together the vast body of our case law of contracts into understandable patterns. However, a reviewer of Corbin on Contracts who confined his praise to these features alone would ignore its most significant characteristic. The greatness of Corbin's contribution to the law of contracts lies in his approach, in his richness of creative ideas, in his rare sensibility and power of communication. He has received from his life-long study of Anglo-American law much more than most men working in his field will ever receive. And he transmits what he has received with a penetrating force, an intellectual honesty, an admirable moderation which drive his contribution deep into the reader's mind. The great institutions and doctrines of the common law of contracts, their gradual evolution by trial and error, the daring advances made by great judges, as well as the fumbling of many a court, speak directly to you.

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Book Review: Corbin on Contracts: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Rules of Contract Law, 61 Yale Law Journal 1092 (1952)

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