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In 1913 there was passed in Connecticut a Workmen's Compensation Act which became effective January 1, 1914, The passage of this Act marked an epoch in the history of Connecticut. Legally, it was the most important change since the adoption of the Practice Act in 1879. Socially, it was the beginning of a new era for the laboring classes. The present volume embodies the judicial precedents established through the operation of the Compensation Act down to June, 1916, and contains over six hundred cases, decided in the first instance by the various Compensation Commissioners, and, in the second instance, where there was an appeal, by the Superior Court. There is also a reference to the cases appealed to the Supreme Court of Errors and reported in the Connecticut Reports and Atlantic Reporters.

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Book Review: Connecticut Compensation Decisions, 26 Yale Law Journal 167 (1916)

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