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This case-book, the last to be published of the five "American Case-Books on Property," covers, in the main, the same ground covered by the second volume of the late Professor Gray's Cases on Property. It deals with the subjects of Air, Land, Streams, Surface and Underground Waters, Profits, Easements, Licenses, Covenants and Agreements running with the Land, Rents, and Public Rights. In addition are two subjects included in Gray's first volume,the Introduction to the Law of Real Property and Waste. In the judgment of the reviewer the case-book amply fulfills the strict requirements recently set forth by Professor Wormser (28 Yale Law Journal, 205) and in addition is of especial interest because of two things, the treatment of the historical introduction or background of the subject of Real Property and the use of the Hohfeldian analysis and terminology.

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Book Review: Cases on the Law of Property, 29 Yale Law Journal 477 (1920)

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