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Readers of the Yale Law Journal may recall two interesting articles dealing with the adaptability of the United States Constitution as applied to modem American life, one by Joseph R. Long entitled "Tinkering with the Constitution" appearing in the May, 1915, issue, and the other "Rejuvenating the Constitution" by Charles Zueblin in the January, 1916, issue of the Journal. These two articles indicate two well-developed opposing lines of thought, one favoring a remodeled Constitution and the other opposing a radical change. The author of "The American Plan of Government" does not in this book advocate either view, but the work supplies that knowledge of the scope and meaning of the existing .Constitution which is necessary for intelligent advocacy of either view, and indeed which is necessary for any intelligent appreciation of the duties of American citizenship.

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Book Review: The American Plan of Government, 26 Yale Law Journal 82 (1916)

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