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The Editors of the Rutgers Law Review are to be congratulated upon their planning and execution of this symposium on the Uniform Rules of Evidence. Here we have a topic of the utmost timeliness, which is discussed authoritatively by authors of deep acquaintance with the subject matter. So the symposium not only fulfills its immediate purpose of enlightenment as to the pending reforms in New Jersey, but also produces discussions of substantive significance in the law generally. My task as introducer is even less compelling than that of a toastmaster at a banquet, limited though that ought desirably to be; for the authors here, in historic banquet phrase, need no introduction to this learned audience. Hence I shall confine myself to some consideration of the banquet fare itself, with particular reference to the background against which this reform in the administration of justice has taken shape and become vital and important.

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Foreword to Symposium on the Uniform Rules of Evidence, 10 Rutgers Law Review 479 (1956)

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