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This little treatise has at least one characteristic which gives it unique value among equity texts. That is its treatment of the union of law and equity under modern procedure. Other writers have been prone to emphasize the differences between the two systems and have helped to keep those differences alive. Professor Walsh on the other hand, expressly follo*ing the arrangement of Professor Cook's Cases on Equity, sets forth early in his text the administration of principles of equity in a court of the present day. He is one of those who sees the possibilities for a simplified procedure in a real merger of the two systems. These he gives, together with an historical sketch of equity, in Part One of his book. It is a distinct and thoroughly worthwhile contribution to the subject. It is not only clearly presented but is interestingly written.

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Book Review: A Treatise on Equity, 8 New York University Law Quarterly Review 521 (1931)

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