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When competent and experienced scholars turn their hands to casebook editing, the product is fairly sure to be so scholastically and technically impeccable that the only thing left for the reviewer to do is to discuss his own pedagogical preconceptions. That, I believe, is the present situation, or at least I like to think so. As previous experience has shown, the editors can be depended upon for careful workmanship and a collection of cases and other material all fully annotated and documented. The present casebook is no exception. This voluminous work is a mine of trustworthy information on procedural materials, useful no less to the practicing lawyer and judge, as to the student and teacher. It deserves the high place it will undoubtedly assume as a source book of procedural law. So let us turn to the teaching ideas which it supports and illustrates.

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Book Review: Cases and Other Materials on Judicial Remedies, 8 Fordham Law Review 293 (1939)

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