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This is a new edition of Judge Rose's well known book on federal procedure. Earlier editions appeared in 1915 and 1922, and were favorably received. (See reviews by Professors Sunderland and Dobie in (1923) 21 Mich. L. Rev. 617, and (1923) 9 Va. L. Rev. 476, respectively; also (1915) 13 Mich. L. Rev. 715; (1915) 15 Col. L. Rev. 644; (1915) 63 U. or P. L. Rev. 583; (1923) 8 Ia. L. Bull. 287). The work grew out of the author's lectures on the subject at the University of Maryland, prepared while he was United States District Judge for the District of Maryland; he is now Circuit Judge for the Fourth Circuit, and with a long experience of the practice of which he writes. His book has been distinguished for its brevity and conciseness and at the same time its clarity. The lecture style seems somewhat apparent; not many cases are cited, and when given are usually stated at some length as illustrative material.

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Book Review: Jurisdiction and Procedure of the Federal Courts, 36 Yale Law Journal 161 (1926)

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