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The first edition of this book was favorably noted in this Review upon its appearance something over twenty years ago--(1905) 5 Columbia Law Rev. 481. It was a direct and forceful presentation, written with more style than is usual in law treatises, of what the author considered to be the general principles of the law of wills, together with a discussion of the law of gifts causa mortis and a more summary statement of the law of descent, distribution, and administration. The size of the book, as well as apparently the author's own convictions, led to a rather dogmatic form of statement. The result was a very serviceable desk manual for the lawyer and student, particularly where no lengthy collation and analysis of authorities was desired. Since the law of wills in general follows lines fairly well defined by English and American precedents, the subject lends itself, as well as any field of law may, to such treatment.

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Book Review: A Treatise on the Law of Wills, 26 Columbia Law Review 1054 (1926)

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