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Since these are but two of an excellent series of reports, a review ought not so much stress these particular volumes as call attention to the general high standard of the entire series, a fact which appears to have been insufficiently appreciated by lawyers and scholars. Both these reports follow the model of earlier years. After the formal introduction, we have an account of the particular recommendations approved by the Council during the year, followed by the usual departments, including judicial statistics and the research studies on special projects. Each year there are usually some thirty or more subjects under consideration or recommended for adoption by the legislatures or the courts; and of these, half appear destined for immediate, and nearly all for ultimate, adoption. In the ten years of the Council's history, it has made some 235 recommendations, and has had the truly amazing success, perhaps unique in judicial council history, of witnessing the adoption of all but about 30. Of the recommendations not adopted, 15 are being resubmitted. With these eliminated, the record of success for the Council is, therefore, almost 95 per cent.

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Book Review: Ninth and Tenth Annual Reports of the Judicial Council of the State of New York, 44 Columbia Law Review 457 (1944)

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