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This is the second edition of a popular casebook which made its initial appearance only in 1946. A new edition is not only justified, but has been made necessary, by the number of important cases which have since appeared and by the adoption by Congress of a new Title 28 of the United States Code in complete substitution for the old Judicial Code. That material on federal procedure becomes out of date thus rapidly is in itself a commentary on the present status of the American attempt to maintain two systems of courts, operating in the same territory at the same time, owing distinct and conflicting allegiances to different sovereigns. But that is the essence of federalism; and we, servitors of the system, can only give thanks that we are accorded tools thus apt for an understanding of the problems, even if "their alleviation is apparently too much to be hoped for.

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Book Review: Cases and Materials on Federal Courts, 36 Cornell Law Quarterly 181 (1950)

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