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A few years ago teachers of pleading and procedure were regretting the lack of general pedagogical interest in their subjects and the comparative dearth of teaching materials therein. Lately, however, casebooks in this field have become increasingly numerous, and even though disagreement as to the teaching of the subjects is, if anything, sharper than ever, yet the interest shown is a healthy sign in view of the very great practical and theoretical importance of the whole field. Procedural casebooks generally tend in one of two directions: one towards the old historical approach, beginning with common-law pleading, the other to an emphasis upon modern American practice. This new casebook, offered as providing a first-year course, is unique in that it employs the historical approach as to pleading, starting off with the forms of action in common-law pleading, but changes to the modem law in the materials on trial practice, comprising about two-thirds of the book.

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Book Review: Cases on Civil Procedure, 47 Harvard Law Review 148 (1933)

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