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The preface states that "this is essentially a legal reference book." As such, it is competent and complete. It provides information as to all American statutes and decisions concerning the regulation of the small loan business. After general annotations dealing with the purpose and interpretation of the statutes and the cases involving their constitutionality, it proceeds to sectional annotations of the Sixth, or latest, Draft of the Uniform Small Loan Law, sponsored by the Department of Remedial Loans of the Russell Sage Foundation. The annotations give the state laws and decisions on the points covered by the twenty-seven sections of the uniform law. Thereafter follow a discussion of devices and methods used to evade statutory interest limitations, together with the relevant provisions of the uniform law controlling such evasions, then appendices containing drafts of acts, citations of cases, a bibliography, and an adequate index. The book is therefore the necessary desk manual for all those concerned with the legal aspects of this important business.

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Book Review: Annotations on Small Loan Laws, 48 Yale Law Journal 357 (1938)

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