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The Library of Congress is now undertaking the publication of a series of guides to foreign law. One of the objects of the enterprise is to acquaint the practitioner and the legislator with the legal institutions of foreign countries. Another of its objects is to show the evolution and present development of juristic thought abroad, and the extent to which a virile philosophy of law and a sound conception of the relation between law and social science have succeeded in creating a jurisprudence which has proved far more efficient than the common law in responding to the needs of present day life. Development of legal science been more fruitful than in Germany, where modem research has intensified the truth of Sheldon .Amos' remark, made forty years ago: "The prospects of the science of jurisprudence will depend largely upon a greater familiarity than has hitherto been encouraged in legal education with the vast and invaluable juridical literature of Germany. Modern jurisprudence is emphatically a German creation."

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