Book Review American Foreign Trade as Promoted by The Web-Pomerene and Edge Acts

EDWIN M. BORCHARD, Yale Law School


American, Foreign Trade, as Promoted by the Webb-Pomerene and Edge Acts with Historical References to the Origin and Enforcement of the Anti-Trust Laws. By William F.Notz and Richard S. Harvey. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1921. pp. xv, 593. This book deserves hearty commendation. Treating as it does of the economic history of trade combinations and their regulation by law, it exemplifies the combination of economic and legal points of view in making clear the development of "big business" in the modem world. It is not technically a lawyer's book, yet the lawyer dealing with the subject of restraint of trade and particularly with the export trade law (the Webb-Pomerene Act of 1918) and the foreign financing law (the Edge Act of 1919)-the goal of the discussion in the earlier parts of the book-will find almost indispensable the economic background which will make the statutes and their evolution intelligible.