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This is a revision of a work first published in two volumes in 1922. In the process of revision it has acquired an additional volume. The work comes down to the fall of 1941, therefore omitting all discussion of the events of the wars then beginning and the question of consistency with the positions taken by the United States toward the events of 1917. Gone are the "enlightened states" of the first edition. Gone is the conceded belligerent right to seize all goods capable of "assisting" the enemy, a concession which would outlaw or terminate neutral trade. Perhaps the same result is achieved by sustaining the right to abolish the category of conditional contraband and the practice, not supported, of sinking merchant vessels at sight. Belligerents, by the way, are not far from abolishing the distinction between combatants and noncombatants, which would accomplish the purpose of abolishing "conditional contraband."

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