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The appearance of these volumes marks an event of the first importance in the field of law, history and letters. Judge John Bassett Moore, in the encyclopaedic work of which these volumes are the first installment, has drawn upon his wide learning as a lawyer and a historian and upon his experience as a statesman to place before the world the complete record of all known arbitrations or adjudications between nations, supplemented. by advisory opinions, mediations, and decisions of domestic commissions. The work may require seventy-five or more volumes, and is designed to be continuous. Judge Moore has divided the work into two series, an ancient and a modern, the latter commencing with the arbitrations under the Jay Treaty of 1794 between the United States and Great Britain. That treaty of itself marked an epoch in the peaceful adjudication of international disputes by reviving arbitration, a process which for nearly three centuries had fallen into desuetude.

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